1972 Plymouth Scamp
Restoration Project

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72 Plymouth Scamp Restoration

Carlisle 2009 mini photo shoot
plymouth scamp at Carlisle 2009, by DJVPhotos.com title=

Atco Rental Video (4/27/2009)
plymouth scamp at atco raceway

Recent and current projects and upgrades

plymouth scamp 8 3/4 sure-grip rear end 8 3/4 rear end swap The current project is swapping out the rinky dink 7 1/4 ring gear rear end with a beefier 8 3/4 rear with a sure-grip differential. More pictures and some explanation of the process is here

Fuel tank, sending unit & line replacement Ever since I got the Scamp the fuel gauge didn't worked properly, making it hard to know how much gas was in the tank. I've also noticed a lot of "junk" in the fuel filter. The filter is doing it's job but I don't like the fuel being that contaminated. I figured I would change out the sending unit, fuel tank and main line that runs from the tank to the fuel pump. here fuel system replacement 3/8 line

plymouth scamp interior restoration Completed interior progress The interior is pretty much as done as it's going to be for a while. The door panels needs work but that's a low priority. here

Steering column modifications With the installation of the console and console shifter the shifting mechanism and PRINDL display on the column became unneeded and honestly really annoying. I picked up a partial steering column from a floor sift b-body and swapped over the housing pieces.here steering column modifications

front drum to disk brake conversion Front disk brake conversion The 9 inch front drum brakes just didn't cut it. Stopping with these brakes was a scary thing. These 11 7/8 disk brakes helped out immensely.

New Vinyl top. My body guy & painter (Al) suggested a black vinyl top for the car. I loved the idea and I think it looks great. I left the job of installing the vinyl top to Interiors Unlimited in Hebron, CT. black vinyl top on the scamp

body rot and rust Body rot pictures The body was in much worse shape then I thought.

The Scamp as Purchased Spring 2007 Here is how the scamp looked when I bought it. scamp as purchased